Cozy Living Room Apartment Decor Ideas And Remodel

Cozy Living Room Apartment Decor_featured

Apartment needs perfect decoration, especially living room. Several ideas are interesting to apply in order to create the cozy atmosphere. At first, you can add necessary furniture to make the room more comfortable and less formal. Add sectional sofa and replace coffee table with ottoman. Sofas and tables are important for living room as they are the key furniture. Sectional model will create comfort because you may enjoy sitting for long period while watching movies. Furthermore, blanket and pillow are ready nearby in small cabinet. Put TV stands with wheels that easily move around to adjust with your position. Don’t forget to put rug to cover the floor.

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After furniture, you may consider to put flower or plant next to the sofa or nearby window. Small pot with flower makes the room having natural atmosphere. Next thing will focus on lighting. The room has fixture that will balance the lighting level. Avoid lighting that focuses only at one spot. On the other side, let sunlight to penetrate the room directly and rely on the lamp with smooth lighting texture during nighttime.

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Living room also turns into private space for intimate moment. For that purpose, the room has plain color, but not too bright. Smooth grey is preferable, although white is common one as the top choice.


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