20 Cute Ideas Women Winter Outfits Wear In Office


When temperatures dip below 20 degrees and it’s still dark outside at 7 a.m., it’s tempting to travel with the I just rolled out of bed look. Who doesn’t want to walk into the office in sweatpants, or avoid the cold altogether and work from home…in sweatpants? This sentiment (coupled with the fact that my puffer coat hides my entire outfit) morphs me into a lazy fashion girl every year, with a go-to winter look of beige wool sweater and black high-waisted skinny jeans. Just saying this out loud makes me realize it sounds kind of…unimaginative.

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This winter though, I vow to not let the my wardrobe take that cold-weather hit. Here, seven cozy outfit ideas that’ll get you from Monday to Sunday in style. The cold months are already here, and soon winter will be upon us in full force. If you ever get in a style rut as soon as it’s freezing outside or find yourself wearing the same ol’ black sweater over and over to the office each week (*raises hand*), it’s gonna be okay.

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We’ve rounded up some cute ’n’ cozy work outfits that’ll snap you out of it. Whether you work 9 to 5 in a business-casual office, in a creative field, or in a more corporate setting, we’ve got some stylish winter outfit inspiration just for you.