100 Days Of School Outfits Ideas


For many kids, the number 100 is a big milestone. Whether it’s counting to 100 for the first time or realizing you just hit your 100th day of school, it’s a huge deal! The actual day depends on the school district, but many schools will celebrate 100 days of school in January or February. If your child is taking part in these school festivities, they may want to wear a 100 days of school outfit.

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If you have a young child or grandchild in school, chances are you will have heard about the 100 days of school celebrations that are growing ever more popular all over the country. While celebrations and activities differ from school to school, one of the most common ones is for the children to dress up like they are 100 years old!

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Three cheers to 100 years! No. 100 Days. Wait, what? More and more schools are participating in celebrating their 100th Day of School, and as a way to celebrate, teachers are encouraging their students to dress as what they think they might appear as if at 100 years old! Obviously we are all for locating reasons to decorate up year round, so we are definitely behind this!

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